A personal collection of political opinions, letters, and interesting information

2019-08-10 Suggestions for a mass killing prevention law
2019-06-16 Letter to DeVos re: Use of Google is a FERPA violation
2019-05-27 Truly Anonymous Contributions Are Less Corrupting!
2019-05-09 The Anti War Candidate
2019-04-15 Whitehouse.gov message
2019-04-12 Letter to Trump
2019-04-08 Current Space Launch Costs ($1240/pound to LEO - SpaceX Falcon 9)
................. 2018 - Harvard Sees the Light - Paper    
................. 2017 - UCSC Extension Class Project
................. 2006 - Clean Air causes Global Warming!
2018-11-21 Run, Tulsi, run!
2018-11-20 Letter to Trump re: Khashoggi
2018-10-30 Sweden Central Bank hedges on Cashless Society PDF ECB
2018-10-04 Letter to Feinstein re: Kavanaugh
2018-08-04 Letter to Mnuchin/Powell
2018-02-21 Believe Tips about Maniacs
2017-07-30 Future State of the Union for Trump
2017-07-22 Coming Soon to America: Japanese Style Men
2017-07-09 Letter to Bannon
2017-06-02 Letter to Pence
2017-03-14 Health Reform Proposal
2017-01-31 Indian Innovations in Financial Payment Systems
2017-01-21 How To Do a Mars Mission
2016-09-22 Reports of Yahoo hacked ... why NOW?
2016-02-20 Message to Sanders
2016-02-14 Message to Trump
2015-09-20 Message to Obama
2015-02-04 Letter to Draghi on misconceived focus on mild inflation
2014-11-02 Letter to Boehner on ISIS and Syria
2014-11-02 Just a Man Crush? Putin at Sochi
2014-10-30 Putin's Strategy?
2014-10-02 Political Correctness Endangers Lives
2014-06-12 Message to Obama on Syria
2014-04-21 The Downside of Excluding Fathers
2014-03-07 Theft Resistant Money
2013-11-11 Down with Obamacare!
2013-10-10 Letter to Boehner to restore Freedom by getting Congress to retake its "power to coin money"
2013-07-12 Letter to Feinstein requesting impeachment of Obama
2013-03-28 Right To Bear Arms Letter to Obama
2013-03-22 Dealing with the Cyprus Madness
2012-02-24 Where is that satellite? - Site maintaining the data
2012-02-16 The Upside of Government Default
2012-02-08 Monopoly Regulation - A Success Story
2011-11-12 Preserving Sovereignty in the Euro System
2011-10-31 What Occupy Wall Street Should Ask For
2011-10-28 Saving the CDS Writers
2011-10-15 The Bank Monopoly
2011-10-01 The Egg Standard
2011-09-14 Solar flare could unleash worldwide meltdowns of nuclear powerplants
2011-08-22 Effect of Demographics on PE ratio
2011-08-15 Enforcement of a Balanced Budget Amendment
2011-08-11 Returning to a Gold Standard
2011-08-09 Letter to Obama on Gasoline Prices
2011-07-25 Party for the Middle: Americans Elect
2011-07-20 Letter to Boehner about keeping the debt ceiling intact
2011-07-19 Are Men What They Used to Be?
2011-07-13 Letter to President Suggesting An Asset Tax
2011-07-12 I love this title! Netflix Screaming
2011-07-12 Moral Dimension Needed for Budget Plans
2011-07-12 Letter to Boehner
2011-07-10 In Defense of Chicanery
2011-07-10 About Credit Cards
2011-05-03 To Obama re: Killing of Osama Bin Laden
2010-09-24 A Lighthearted Comment on the DJI Technical Chart
2010-07-xx An ode to trains
2010-01-21 A commentary on housing
2009-12-09 Letter to Senators on individual mandate
2008-11-15 Letter to President Elect Obama on Financial Crisis
2002-01-06 Letter to President Bush